God is First

Reverend Monica Driscoll

Monica Driscoll sometimes referred to, as Mona, Rev Mo or Reverend Monica is an Ordained Unity Minister, author, public speaker, trainer and a Transitional Minister Consultant.

She has her Masters in Political Science and believes there really is no way to separate church from state although many have tried and our Founding Fathers knew the cost to liberty and freedom and attempted to ensure that Church and State were separated.

Monica brings her humor and her love for God to the dysfunction of life where conflict and unrest in the world fills our mind and the airways with a sense of hopelessness.

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So There I Was

My memory of how I found God in the dysfunction of growing up Catholic with six siblings. I have always found it interesting that even though I went to the Catholic Church for my entire childhood and well into my Twenties I always maintained that the God of my understanding was not the God spoken of during Sunday Services or Sunday School.

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States of Mind
A 2 CD audio set.

A 21st century look at the Beatitudes and how they are still relevant today and should not be discounted as being 2000 years old but rather as if they were just said by Jesus today.

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