About Reverend Monica Driscoll

Monica Driscoll sometimes referred to, as Mona, Rev Mo or Reverend Monica is an Ordained Unity Minister, author, public speaker, trainer and a Transitional Minister Consultant. She has her Masters in Political Science and believes there really is no way to separate church from state although many have tried and our Founding Fathers knew the cost to liberty and freedom and attempted to ensure that Church and State were separated. Monica brings her humor and her love for God to the dysfunction of life where conflict and unrest in the world fills our mind and the airways with a sense of hopelessness. But as reflected in one of her favorite Bible verses Matthew 19:26 “… but with God nothing is impossible.”

Reverend Monica is a follower of the teachings of Jesus and has been fortunate enough to find the Unity movement as a spiritual vocal point on how she sees and understands God.  She sees God as all-inclusive, meaning everyone can have a positive fulfilling relationship with God, if they choose to.  She believes that God is in the midst of everything and everybody.  There is no place that God is not present including in our words and thoughts.  She sees God as not judging nor favoring one person over the over and does not cause anything to happen to us but rather responds based on our words and thoughts.  Monica believes our bodies are the instrument of our true desires and will always deliver us what is deeply within our souls and what is best for our continued spiritual growth.

Prior to becoming an Ordained Unity Minister, Monica was in the accounting arena where she assisted corporations and individuals with keeping their books in balance.  Now she works full time teaching the methods and practices of balancing spiritual people’s hearts and minds while aligning their thoughts with their actions.  Our personal balance sheet is where our thoughts and our actions balance each other in order to demonstrate our desired outer manifestations.   When this process is not in balance we are out of alignment with our spiritual being which results in goofy behavior creating undesired manifestative results.

Mona’s vision is to see peace in the hearts and minds of everyone.  Her mission is to communicate peace through teaching the Unity truth principles with humor while using the latest scientific and communication development tools for healthy, thriving, joy filled relationships with each other, especially through church ministry.

Rev Mo is the author of States of Mind, a 2cd audio set, a 21st century look at the Beatitudes and how they are still relevant today and should not be discounted as being 2000 years old but rather as if they were just said by Jesus today.  She is author of the book, So There I was… , a humorous look at finding God in the Dysfunction of growing up Catholic in a large family.

Future works includes- The Metaphysics’ of Death and Dying, The 10 Commandments and the Lords Prayer, both with 21st Century Style clarity and understanding.